Friends since ever. Cabriomeeting and the Italian Mazda Register MX-5 (RIM) are joined by a strong and long-lasting exchange of energy and collaboration.

Sergio participated at the first meeting of RIM in the year of his consecration, and it is there that he knows Ines, "the Aunt", and the whole Team of the Official Mazda MX-5 Club that the Media Agency PidiErre of Turin manages in the name and on behalf of the subsidiary of the winged gull brand, Mazda Motor Italia, since 1995.

Surely the seed of the idea of Cabriomeeting has blossomed attending the events of RIM, where Sergio, Daniela and then with Giada (their child) as well as two wonderful MX-5, are among the most assiduos participants.

In 2003, the first joint with PidiErre, that accomplishes Cabriomeeting’s web site. Ten years later, the project takes the form of an organized together meeting: "The Desert of the Tartars", September 29th, 2013 in Tonadico Primiero (Trento).

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