Some years have passed but at the end of 2011 - a surprise to celebrate the Record Season Meetings - Mazda Motor Italy has fulfilled the wish that you did not failed to express at any occasion.

How much stuff, guys! Twenty minutes inside the intense and fantastic Mobil1 Arena at the Bologna Motor Show! Yes, just the circuit which houses all the best in motorsports and we, downloaded all the power of our Spider, the one that all the manufacturers of the world envy us because the most sold ever. It is them, the Best: Mazda MX-5.

That at the Bologna Motor Show was the eighth and final stage of the MX-5 Tour 2011 - "Guinness Season 2011”: an event that leave us covered with emotions, smiles and chills!

It all starts on the morning of Sunday, December 4th at 7:30 a.m. We answer the phone and that's where we discover how the expectation for this event was high, a member wondered why the security prevented him from entering the Motor Show, scheduled between the 8:30 and 9:30 ... at 8 o’clock we off the Staff already find 3 crews anxiously waitingfor us! The desire to have fun on the track was that high!

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Before the sun rose through the fog, the MX-5 take place
From 8:30 am withdrawing of the welcome kit and free time to visit the exhibition and enjoy the air that will see us featuring a couple of hours later. Reordering at 11:00 am: preparation of the cars, and brief directions for safety on the track and alignment for the entrance to the circuit in batteries. In the meantime Luigi and Marco offer us a a bottle of wine! Thanks a lot for the appreciated gift!


All on time the RIM members for this magical event. At 11:00 am all in line for the usual photos, the 1 Million scream and the references of Thomas of RIM and Evelyn of GL events (Motorshow) before entering the circuit.

Objective 1 Million

Watchful eyes and ears wide open to avoid losing the operational details of the MX-5 Parade! Or maybe watching Evelyn?

Evelyn of the Motor Show

Belts fastened, MX-5 slowly lining up to reach the entrance of the track, escorted by the Commissioners of the race...

MX-5 snake towards the racetrack
The engines roar: go!
Federico and Cristina
.... here we go!!
Father & Son
Still a few laps!

With the adrenaline rush of a thousand, dreamy eyes and heart beat starting to slow down, on return back to the parking. Someone has squeezed so much the tires to puncture one… oh yes, but it was worth it!

Andrea and Isabella will drive back home with calm...

Still a little free time visit the Motorshow before having lunch all together at 01.00 pm at Mazda’s stand in Hall 22 and it's like being at home! The lunch that Mazda Motor Italia has reserved us was ready and waiting for us there: Snow White... saying "blinding" of beauty is and understatement... there was a crowd around the Mazda MX-5 2.0 L6 Roadster Coupe Manual Transmission. The color? Crystal White Pearl: a dream!

Snow White in the MX-5

A few souvenir photos with the Mazda hostess and a look at Mazda's new CX-5 before enjoying a refreshing break consumed in the relaxing lounge exclusively reserved for us inside Mazda’s Stand!

How hungry!

While eating together and talking about how much fun we had on the circuit, the RIM staff collects the Log Book and delivers the plaques, officiated by Roberto Pietrantonio, Communication and Events Manager of Mazda Motor Italia.

Souvenir photo with plaque

After lunch it's time for the MAZDA SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Session, just for us of RIM at the Motorshow 2011: thanks to Ernesto Scotto (Product Trainer Mazda Motor Italia) for the interesting technical session.


Ready for the awards? Then, we start with a propitiatory scream "Objective 1 Million", the motto of every 2011 Mazda MX-5 Meeting.
Objective 1 Million

The first prize is dedicated to the crews that have now made their debut in the group: there are 8 and the fate rewards the crew with the 15 of Andrea Bacchelli and Natalia Shtambusrska of Bomporto (MO).

Andrea Bacchelli and Natalia Shtambusrska of Bomporto (MO)

The most beautiful MX-5 of the Rally is decreed the sparkling number 37 of Giuseppe Iannantuoni coming from Meda (MI).

Giuseppe between the beautiful!

The choice of Mazda Motor Itala for the the most beautiful Log Book goes to crew number 2 Simonetta and Enrico coming from Genoa.

Enrico and Simonetta of Genoa

While RIM has awarded the originality of the Log Book of Marzio, and Fabio coming from Desenzano del Garda.

Marzio and Fabio

3 Apulian teams participating at the MX-5 Parade: Andrea and Michele Ricchiuti, Giuseppe and Michele Daloiso (on his 68th birthday ... best wishes!), Pietro Paternoster and Eliseo Chiapparino. To them, all belonging to the Pulp Grup, went the prize for "the MX-5 on the Road".

The Pulp Grup in Bologna

The last prize of the year goes to Giorgio and Fiorella Tardioli that for the second consecutive year have participated in all the gatherings organized by RIM! They are now part of the Italian Mazda MX-5 Registry (RIM)! Fantastic!

Fiorella and Giorgio of RIM

The MX-5 Parade at the Bologna Motor Show was a really unique contest, the first in the history of the RIM, the official Club who has been working since 1995 to the side of Mazda Motor Italia and its Sales Network. With the event in Bologna we take our leave from a really lucky events season and a good omen that we are already preparing for 2012, able to repeat the numbers of the one just ended: 8 meetings, over 400 Mazda MX-5, about 800 kilometers covered from May to September, 3000 Mazda gadget distributed, we awarded the winners of this year with 42, six journalists from the national press who have accompanied us in some meetings driving one of the 2 MX-5 Open Race present at every meeting, over 330 dedications of log books, 4 new entry locations of dealerships that we have hosted in Genoa, Frosinone, Rimini, and Siena and beyond 70 teams that participated for the first time at a Meeting of RIM.

Huge thanks to Mazda Motor Italia and its Sales Network. We take leave of you for a few months... always have a look at your e-mail, to our Facebook profile, to our channel on You Tube ... activities slow down but the never stop!
A farewell to you all next year from the RIM staff!

Goodbye to 2012
Finally, a bow to Robert Pietrantonio (Communications and Events Manager of Mazda Motor Italy) and his entire team for the care, dedication and willingness they offer to satisfy Mazda MX-5 owners
Roberto Pietrantonio (Communication and Events Manager of Mazda Motor Italy)
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