Ready, steady and go! The second round of the 2011 season started out again with a long-awaited return to Milan! And if the cliché is true that the summer vacation ended and that in an instant comes Christmas, what better location than Milan, the city of Panettone. The ingredients of the rally organized by the Mazda Milano dealer, Mazda Motor Italia, its Sales Network and RIM (Italian Register Mazda MX-5)? A beautiful sunny day and more than 50 crews who marched in the capital of Fashion: a fantastic collection that on September 11th could admire many citizens and tourists around the streets of the city, enjoying one last splash of summer.

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1 million goal of the 2nd Rally “MX-5 tra navigli e castelli"
The preparations for the parade begin early in the morning at the new headquarters of Mazda Milano, where the staff of the dealership and RIM were ready to welcome those present: check in, breakfast, “1 Million Goal” scream and group shots ... everything is ready in short, to begin the path of the morning, destination Borgo Priolo, reached by the colorful caravan of Miata after having been admired seen in the beautiful setting of Piazza Castello and along the verdant Sempione Park.
The MX-5 paraded in Piazza Castello
After having paraded through the center of Milan, led by the two admired Open Race, more than 100 enthusiasts driving the world's best selling Spider, did some roaring engines in direction of Pavia to reach - not to undergo the first of our paparazzi flashes, Danilo and Fabrizio, always ready to capture the protagonists of the day - the most popular destination of the day: the note Azienda Agrituristica Torrazzetta
The MX-5 lined up in the yard of the restaurant
The day was really hot, but definitely the specialties prepared for us by the legendary Mrs Gianna in her beautiful green farm, help us to recharge the batteries accompanied by the inevitable delivery of plaques.
The withdrawal of the plaques
After a sumptuous lunch, which actually would have required a refreshing nap, the long and winding number of MX-5 gets ready to leave for the second part of our tour, gently rolling hills surrounded by the colors and fragrance of Tidone the juice of the grape vineyards that surround us loads.
On the hills of the Tidone valley
Our beloved roadster accompany us languidly and sometimes sporty along the curves to reach the final destination: the Castello Dal Verme of Zavattarello and… what an effort to reach it, but a digestive walk surrounded by a beautiful landscape was just what we wanted to dispose of! After the hike, all together, we gained the summit, where we waited for the awards, but not before the guided tour of the castle.
The visit of the castle
Thomas of RIM was ready to announce the lucky winners of this second edition of “MX-5 tra Navigli e Castelli”.
Thomas & Carolina
As “MX-5 che preferisco” the participants voted the wonderful M1 of Dario Gambino di Firenze.
Dario Gambino receives the prize for the most beautiful MX-5 of the Rally
“Mx-5 Nata Ieri” Instead it is found to be the shining red MX-5 of Giorgio Gandolini and Nicoletta Bonacina.
Giorgio Gandolini and Nicoletta Bonacina receive the prize
The first registered , the famous“Classica di domani” is the M1 of Andrea Zuliani.
Andrea Zuliani recieves the prize for the “Classica di domani"
The crew who participated for "The First Time", among many other participants at their debut at the meetings of the RIM is the one of Massimo Gorlini and Cristina Crippa.
Little Michael extracts the prize “La prima Volta"
Enrico Vadora e Simonetta Matassa – who decided to celebrate her birthday with us - have been rewarded for the Log Book chosen by RIM.
Simonetta receives the award for her Logbook
The choice of the Dealer has gone to Valerio Ceccarelli and Paola Gheller, that in addition to the gadgets offered by Mazda Motor Italia also received a nice navigator.
Valerio Ceccarelli and Paola Gheller win the fabulous prize offered from the Dealer
Last smiles and chatter, but the time has come to say goodbye and the melancholy fills already the air. Do not worry though, there are two more appointments on the calendar! But before leaving, a few thanks: thanks to the MX-5 fan, their shared passion for their MX-5 and the desire to be in the company. Thanks as always to Mazda Motor Italia for the trust stored in us since many years, and last but not least, thanks to Riccardo Palumbo, Simone Bianchi e Davies of Mazda Milano for the support and collaboration.
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