A short worthy to compete at the film festival. And we, from RIM, are all really cinema lovers and if we could, we’d like to name every rally by tracing famous movie titles that made history and today are considered as real cults.
Siena itself is also destined to become a cult. The Superauto event has been the ultimate expression of all, “a real Mazda MX-5 rally”.
As we already wrote in other reports, there is no perfect logistics, no desk study, nor perfect administration in place that takes into. You can be as good as possible in managing /organizing / predict any of the event details but it’s not possible to predict the alchemic effect created by the “relationships” arising thanks to the uniqueness of the participants “mix” at every rally and thanks to the “scenery” supporting every “movie”. There is no passion nor devotion that takes into: it’s a mixture of “stuff” behind the success. And so it was for Siena!
Can we talk about how our emotions when turning our heads we saw an entire valley crossed by a wavy never ending Mx-5 “swarm”? On one side it was possible to see the head but on the other it was impossible to find the tail as it was so infinite… and we were also forced to remember to keep our mouths closed in front of such a great architecture and tunning sceneries. And... what about “Er Barone” (the Baron) bare-chested who changed his sweat soaked t-shirt for the tropical heat? What a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat showwwwwwww! And what about the Japanese Lady who wanted to buy the winner awards because she had never seen so many customized Mazda “gadgets” even in her country? Cooooooooooool.
Many, many RIM rallies are done but a “harvest” like this year will be remembered for a while. Four “masterpieces” rallies those of the first part ofMazda MX-5 Tour 2011 that, together with three others planned in September compose the “Guinness Season" calendar. Since the first date, last May in Alba, MMI, its Sales Network and RIM stuck a lot of records but also plenty of deserved “medals”!
And like few other times, this report is opened with the acknowledgements because they are due to a lot of friends:

• some new ones, like the Mazda Superauto Dealership Team from Siena: you from Tuscany are irrevocably great! Your land gave birth to famous and alternative directors and, nature and climate you enjoy, produces grape and wine that the whole world envies us. You guys are all of this: an “exceptional” working group: handsome, talented, funny, top professional... and all of this you have shown us. To Massimo Lazzeri and Jacopo Franci: oh yeaaaaahhhhhh!
the Dealership Team
• some ”old” ones, like the reckless Mazda MX-5 owners who – even if a meteor falls – are there, always there and always in “front row”. You, true MX-5 fans, are the best Mazda brand ambassadors and when your passion marries the one of the Dealerships that houses us, for sure it’s the birth of something very good. And Sunday, June 26 this all has happened again! You are the best Testimonials every Automotive Company would like to have!
the irreducibile Bonarda group
• And this, unusual, acknowledgement we, from RIM, have never done until now. It’s all dedicated to Gremo, RIM’s uncle, who keeping as quiet, has always done and fulfilled all the responsibilities he was assigned within our working group that, and we never noticed, until the evening of June 26th, about how his skills are refined and, moreover, his organizing abilities in order to lead an event. But, even more, what shocked us is: how charming are you, Gremo? Basically if Thomas was still waiting to get married for a few years, we’d never notice all “this stuff” you plucked in Siena… Oh yeaaaaahhhhhhh!
Uncle Gremo
And here we come to our story about last Sunday that saw us “overcoming hills” before the summer break meeting again with a roaring suntan, on September, 11 for the second Italian city, once known as “Mediolanum”... beautiful Milan. Gentle, green the rolling hills of Siena and its surrounding, that is one of this Rallies season absolute new entries. Breathtaking landscapes, typical cuisine, a lot of friends and the legendary MX-5s ready to roar among the ups and downs in Siena hills; what more?

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Little Miatas ready to go
09.00 a.m., meeting point at Mazda Superauto Dealership (Strada Provinciale Colligiana, 6/A – Monteriggioni, ph. 0577-306052), for the participation kit delivery and to fill our stomach with juicy slices of cake accompanied by a good coffee, and then ready to start for the first 76 kilometres of the morning path
Delivery of participation kits.
But before getting behind the wheel of our beloved spiders - direction Colle Val d’Elsa, towards the postcard views offered by the towns of Campiglia, San Gimignano, Castellina in Chianti and Petralina – our propitiatory ritual: 120, including drivers, co-pilots, Dealership Team and RIM Staffs, have shouted out loud “One Million Goal” .
The one Million Goal of the 1° “ Contrade e Castelli” Rally.
After several kilometres crossed feeling the absolute peace of Siena hills, where the loads of hairpin bends set the 53 roadsters at their ease, the long MX-5 snake broke the silence of those unspoiled places roaring loudly between a bend and the other to finally reachRadda in Chianti for lunch.
Conquering Radda (in Chianti)
Here, six housewives of the village prepared and served for us the most typical dishes from Tuscany tradition on a terrace overlooking a verdant hill. Chianti, typical cold cuts, Cantucci biscuits with Vin Santo…a real delicacy and no matter if the oppressive heat – and maybe also the good wine - left us breaking into a sweat, basically this was our last event before the summer break and we had to celebrate, or not?? After lunch, ritual photos of the plates delivery and a good Chianti bottle kindly offered by the Superauto Dealer.
Grilled meat and Chianti…who feels better than us?
Encouraged bya brilliant sunshine that accompanied us for throughout the whole duration of the Rally, the 103 Miata lovers, replete after a lunch with all the trimmings, returned marching heading towards Siena through Madonna a Brolio, Cacchiano, San Giovanni a Cerreto and Malasca… a spectacle and the lot of sunshine also gave us a nice suntan to be showed off in the office on Monday!!
Siena: get ready. Here we come!!
After a picturesque passage near Siena Cathedral the long MX-5 rainbow unravelled through the streets connecting the Tuscan city with the medieval Monteriggioni Castle where a tasty cocktail and the awards were waiting for us… drum roll and our Fabrizio in fact announced the lucky winners. Remember that the opportunities to grab one of the coveted awards are many, so if this wasn’t your lucky day, don’t despair!
We love Monteriggioni!
The award “MX-5 che preferisco” (MX-5 I prefer) went to crew 19 composed by Sergio Ricchiuti and Daniela Wiesemann from Lardirago (Pavia) and their wonderful red M3.
Sergio Ricchiuti and Daniela Wiesemann
Always red, but this time from 1990, crew 17’s M1 belonging to Gianfranco Valle and Paola Rapa gained the prize “Classica di domani” (Tomorrow’s Classical).
Gianfranco Valle and Paola Rapa
Among the latest MX-5s registered, the award “Nata ieri” (Born Yesterday) was given to the crew number 9 with Davide Menardi.
Davide Menardi
At their first rally, instead, Matteo Balestra and Giulia Turri, with the number 28, won the award “La prima volta” (the first time).
Matteo Balestra and Giulia Turri
For the best “Diari di bordo” (Best RIM Logbook) RIM chose crew 49 with Enrico Vadora and Simonetta Matassa.
Enrico Vadora and Simonetta Matassa
The Dealer, however, considered Filippo Basagni and Alice Razzino, number 32, as the most creative, thereby living them the gadgets offered by Mazda and a magnum of fine wine, Chianti of course, offered by Superauto.
Filippo Basagni and Alice Razzino
See you in Milan, Sunday, September 11, 2011

RIM Staff.
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