First absolute new entry of the 2011 Guinness Season, the 1st Mazda Gruppo Go! Rally “Terra dei Ciclopi” on Sunday, June 12th in Frosinone has been a really pleasant surprise! 13 crews at their first time made “statistics” for us, by boosting the number of our friends “Members” all around Italy! Meeting point at the 6,600 km of Highway 156 in Ceccano di Frosinone: almost 40 crews for a total of about 80 people in an eye-catching Mazda MX-5 Rally that was strongly aimed by Francesco Sacchetti, Concessionaria Mazda Go General Manager!.

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One Million Goal of the 1st “Terra dei Ciclopi” Rally
Glorious sunshine and summer temperatures (almost 26 degrees!) welcomed the Miata Lovers at the Headquarters of Mazda Gruppo Go! where the Dealership and Rim Staffs were already set to welcome the first Members: check-in, breakfast, “propitiatory scream” and group shot following an “action movie” sync. Everything right on time for the morning path towards Fiuggi reached by the colourful Miata convoy after browsing, as in a photo album, all the beautiful landscapes of Ciociaria hills.
Miatas all lined up!
After parading through the center of Fiuggi with a mixture of unique fittings, the long and winding series of MX-5 gently crept among curves and hairpin bends, by crossing villages where time seemed to be stopped… but it’s not the case of our Guinness World Spiders performing at their best until Canterno Lake, where – seduced by the notes of Ciociaria melodies - Danilo and Simone (our video and photo “Designers”) where waiting for us for a freeze frame, as a memory of a lively but at the same time placid day.
Open Race along Canterno Lake
Which is the secret of a “good” Rally? We don’t know it either so well but for sure, what we have learnt after years of event planning, is the right mix of ingredients to decree: certainly the pleasantness of “people” involved, the driving pathways Mazda Dealers carefully choose and test, the territory with its landscapes and history, the local population who always surprises us with tir warm welcome and… he traditional local dishes that are salt and pepper of each Mazda MX-5 Event (so that – sometimes – a little nap after lunch would be perfect).
Parading in central Fiuggi
After parading in Fiuggi, a short reorganization along Canterno Lake to reconvene the colourful and elegant MX-5 suite: gripping the wheel at 10.10, ready to start for our leisure among climbs and hairpin but mainly because, “PorcaVacca” (it’s like Holy Damn but also the name of the restaurant), hunger is beginning to rise…indeed here we are at the renowned Tavern in Tecchiena di Alatri.
“Porca Vacca” Tavern
The banquet is the highlight of the day: meet each other, tell about the MX-5 passion, travels, experiences or simply to give us, as RIM Staff, some useful advice… chatters tempered by savoury dishes, are one of the most pleasant activities in the world…so smiling for a photo together is always spontaneous!
Delivery of the plaques
And here we are, reaching the aspired section dedicated to all the lucky winners of the awards of the 1° Mazda “Terra dei Ciclopi” Rally. A really great successful day and the winners for “Il Diario di Bordo scelto dal RIM” (Best RIM Logbook) are Fabio Caiazzo and Elena from Rome,
Fabio Caiazzo and Elena from Rome.
whereas the “Diario di Bordo scelto dal Concessionario” Mazda Gruppo Go! (Best Dealer Logbook) was awarded for the second time by our friends from Cuneo Gianluigi and Elio Garombo.
Gianluigi and Elio Garombo
“MX-5 che preferisco” (Mx-5 I prefer) was decreed the wonderful M3 belonging to Giacomo Paglia from Rome, also known as “Er Barone” (the Baron) , a really unique and unrepeatable character who won’t miss neither Siena (be prepared!)
“Er Barone”
The crew awarded for “La Nata Ieri” (Born Yesterday) the number 2 belonging to Enrico Vincenzi
Enrico Vincenzi
“Classica di domani” (Tomorrow Classical) resulted to be an M1 registered in January 1990 belonging to Giulivi Gianfranco
“Classica di Domani”
The drawing among 13 Spider, whose fate decreed Ivan Pacilio winner of the new crew who for “La Prima Volta” (the First Time) was attending a Mazda MX-5 Rally.
“La Prima Volta”
Just the time to taste coffee and dessert and then…let’s gooooooooo, out to conquer several other wonderful and enjoyable Ciociaria landscapes: 50 km towards Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in Alatri for the picture and the final greetings. The last path together, among curves and straight lines, admired from other drivers with a touch of envy…what can we do if we are so beautiful!??!!!
We are beautiful!!!!!!
Driving, driving, here we are at Trisulti Abbey, where all eyes were pointed to little Miatas posing for a cover photo…
Picture from Trisulti Abbey
Let’s restart for the last 20 km: ultimate goal Alatri!
Alatri here we come!!!
And here we are, with great astonishment of tourists and residents of the magnificent Alatri where a dedicated slot was reserved to our MX-5 and it fitted like a glove!
The colours of our “Miata-army”
…. and here, Sara of Mazda’s Dealership team is waiting for us and after having supported us in the morning during the accreditations, she has run home for lunch to nurse Gruppo Go! mascot: Arturo!!!
Little Arturo with “Er Barone”
Don’t you want a souvenir picture of Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore? Of course, hooray!
Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore
Final greetings and see you in Siena, Sunday, June 26, to live once again all together the great MX-5 emotions!

It’s departure moment and farewell to what we hope is the first of a long series of editions for “Terra dei Ciclopi” Raduno . Thank you Gruppo Go! We’ve all been very well.

- Sweet Sara: thank for your kindn support and disponibility (next year, we will put a bandana on Arturo’s head and we will take him with us on the spiders!)
- Pierluigi: thank you for your welcoming and the laughter we had when you told us about your being “sealed” at the polls.
- Francesco: great hospitality, flexibility and patience, a lot of patience. But how could you stand Gremo and the Baron throughout the whole day?

Greetings and a special acknowledgement toIvano Ventura, Miata Club FrosinonePresident and his Gentle Madam who share this wonderful day with us.
Thanks to Alberto Esposito from MMI who “triangled” and, together with Gruppo Go! Team, allowed us to discover Ciociaria and its countryside. And, as usual: thank you to the passionate Mazda MX-5 owners: several “beginners” to discover the “Community life” and, now, many over top fellows, hair in the wind at all costs to follow us in every part of the peninsula in spite of any weather forecast: YOU ARE GRRRREAT!
Thomas…just to remember it…but it was your last bachelor Rally!
Thank you all again and…see you in Siena, Sunday, June 26, 2011!

RIM Staff
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