A great return, a wonderful sunny day and 50 crews who offered us a different variation of the already stunning colours of Genoa and its landscapes, among the most beautiful in the peninsula: these are the ingredients featuring, as in a tasty “mare – monti”(italian pasta dish with meat and fish) recipe, our story about the 1° Mazda MX-5 Rally “Del Levante Ligure”, organized by Gecar dealership (Mazda Genoa), Mazda Motor Italia and RIM, that on May 29th really captured the attention of everyone!

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The One Million Goal of the 1st “Del Levante Ligure” Rally
Breaking up the rules for a while, this time we’d like to start from the due acknowledgements in order to plunge us deep into the labyrinths of this day.

First of all thanks, as usual, to Mazda Motor Italia that, after seven years, has given us again Genoa as the site of one of its Rallies. Thanks to our friend Alessandro Canali, Mazda Zone Manager, always first in line at the scheduled events! Thanks to Gianni Garbarino and to Michele Montanella, Gecar members - and to all the Dealership Staff – who made this great event possible. Particularly, thanks to the General Manager Emiliano Musso, his assistants Maurizio Sperandio and Fabio Bosco! Thanks to Silvia Scala, Genoa Convention Bureau Executive & Marketing Director, always welcoming us with arms wide open when we “enter” her territory! And, closing the “piece of heart”, thanks to all the participants, many and very loyal to our events, who made, once more, this event as really special.
The accreditations
So let’s start from the beginning with the crews’ arrival at the Headquarters of the dealership where, waiting for them, besides the new participation kit, there were alsothree kilograms of Focaccia bread!
Breakfast with Focaccia bread
After waiting for the last latecomers and after the presentation briefing by Thomas from RIM, everybody at the steering wheel of the cars to enjoy this wonderful warm sun!
Departure for the morning path
After the first part of the path, the long convoy compacts to start its parade in thefor the Ligurian inland of Fontanabuona, to admire the green hills.
The morning path
After the first kilometres, we end up at the seaside and precisely on the promenade of Sestri Levante and Chiavari where all the little Miatas in line, for sure didn’t get unnoticed!
And right in the centre of one of the most famous squares in Chiavari, a coveted cool cocktail was waiting for us at the gazebo of the historic Gran Caffè Defilla.
Cocktail at Gran Caffè Defilla
Properly rehydrated and fed, we’re ready to restart behind the steering wheel of the world most selling spider in order to face the rising heat and continue our tour, along the wonderful path of Via Aurelia.
Sea, scent of flowers and a lot of colours for a real amusing walk along hairpin bends and magnificent views
The wonderful landscapes of Aurelia segment
From above, the asphalt looks like a coloured ribbon in the wake of the “rhythmical drive” captains: our two MX-5 Open Race and, our Miatas, all together have been really admired in the small villages of Zoagli, Rapallo, Camogli, Recco, Pieve, Bogliasco and Boccadasse: as many as 50 of our “uncovered”, one more perfect than the other, along the lively Riviera di Levante… what more?

After more than 100 km, arrival in the centre of the lovely town of the Lighthouse, Genoa, for the last parade.
The arrival in Genoa
It is a really important parade, even filmed by a local TV crew! We park and then we go straight to the heart of one of Italy’s most fascinating town. And for lunch we’re also guests in one of the finest restaurants in town: Le Terrazze del Ducale.
The lunch
Heat does not stop, but surely with the specialities made for us in the shade of the terrace the afternoon is spent in a pleasant way… until the delivery of the plaques!
Delivery of the plaques
And here we come to the aspired section dedicated to the lucky winners of the prizes of the 1st Mazda MX-5 “Del Levante Ligure” Rally.
A great successful day that witnessed as the winners of the Logbook, chosen by RIM, Simone and Sofia Massara from Novara
Simone and Sofia received the award for RIM Logbook
Whereas for the Gecar (Mazda Genoa) dealer, Gianluigi and Elio Garombo from Cuneo.
Gianluigi and Elio Garombo receive the prize for the Logbook
After an extraction between two crews made by little Letizia
Little Letizia extracts
“MX-5 che preferisco” was the wonderful grey M3 belonging to Renzo Fiocchi from Landriano (PV).
Renzo Fiocchi receives the award for the “MX-5 che preferisco”
Again two crews rewarded for “La Nata Ieri” so number 45 belonging to Massimo Rizzi and number 30 with Michelangelo Di Gennaro.
Massimo Rizzi and Michelangelo Di Gennaro share their award
Extraction also for the “Classica di Domani” that, thanks to little Anna
Little Anna extracts
results to be M1 Mariner Blue registered in May 1990 belonging to Emanuele Macciaraudi from Biella
Emanuele Macciaraudi received the “Classica di Domani” award
Last extraction by Lorenzo
The drawing by Lorenzo
to announce the new crew participating for the first time at a Mazda MX-5 Rally and receiving the award for “La Prima Volta” . And the winner is Luca Rapetti from Poirino (TO).
Luca Rapetti from Turin receives his “La Prima Volta” award
Final greetings and goodbye for now to the next meeting in order to live once again the great MX-5 emotions!
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Thanks again to everybody and…see you in Frosinone, on Sunday, June 12 2011!

RIM Staff
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