2011 World Guinness Season Goal 1.000.000: the rallies of the year will be held under this auspice. Our Goal is to beat a record already belonging to Mazda Motor Corporation, which global production of the sport car MX-5 that reached 900,000 units.

Mazda Motor Italia opened the Rallies Season dropping the ace: Mazda Dealers in Alba, Asti and Alessandria on May 15th celebrated the Ninth Edition of what, for the owners of Mazda MX-5, has become a classical of the season, the timeless rally where impossible to miss. Andar per Langhe is now a fixed date with a record that is really hard to beat: ten years after its beginning - it was May 6th, 2001 - and nine events with a permanent frequency.

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The First Mazda Alba, Asti and Alessandria Rally in 2001
Are people from Piedmont worse than the Swiss for what concerns timeliness and regularity? It doesn’t matter so much this that; it’s a record in the record for what concerns MX-5 and also our own pride, equally divided among all Italian owners of World’s best selling spider, Mazda Motor Italia, Mazda dealers in Alba, Asti and Alessandria and us of the RIM.

A Sunday kissed by a naughty sun in the morning, cheeky during lunchtime, but generous for all the rest of the afternoon. Moreover, to make this “Langa trip” unique as tradition, there are always the good company and the unique tastes of the Region.
65 were the crews who met on Sunday, May 15 at the headquarters of Alba Mazda dealer located in Corso Asti 24/M, Alba (CN), ready to start the adventure of this “2011 Guinness Season” Tour.
The Accreditations
And so, after the 9,00 am meeting, accreditations, breakfast and the ritual “gossip” of the beginning of the season, we’re all ready for the new group photo that launches us straight into the “one million goal”.
Photos from 1,000,000
So many beautiful little Miatas arranged from the first to the last series, newly polished and roaring to go towards Cortemilia for the first session of the tourist path of the day but first… the group roar as a good omen ritual before getting behind the wheel in order to enjoy the sunny hills of Langhe!
The morning path: 65 crew for 65 kilometers
And so among all the hairpin bends, the long convoy, together with the two guest stars of this Season, the MX-5 Open Races, has not exactly pulled itself back to show off in the villages of Cerretta, Pedaggera, Serravalle Langhe, Feisoglio and Cravanzana for a good 65 kilometres of pure pleasure wind in the hair.
Arrival in Cortemilia for the cocktail
But lunchtime is coming up and our little bellies are starting to feel it, so what’s better than a nice cocktail in a location of the sixteenth century? Nothing, except the prestigious Corte di Canobbio in Cortemilia, where the Canobbio Family - dad Giuseppe, mum Esther, and the three daughters Paola, Claudia and Barbara - reserved us a very special welcome with many delicious delicacies
The cocktail
It was really hard to leave such a nice place, but the restaurant was waiting for us just 6 kilometers away....and so, always hood down, let’s go towards the final engine laps separating us from the destination!
The arrival at the restaurant
So here we are, numerous and “noisy” at the Trattoria della Torre in Perletto where we haven’t just had lunch, much more... and we’ve also been lucky because the few drops of rain were falling just as we were blissfully tasting the second courses!
And according to tradition, the lunch was also the delivery time of the plaques and the beautiful bottles given by Mazda dealers of Alba, Asti and Alessandria.
The delivery of plaques and bottles
A little gift, really appreciated by everyone and, indeed, immediately put on display in the photos!
And afer the suptuous lunch, the endless chatter, games and pictures it’s once again time to get back into the car and leave for the typical afternoon steps in the Langhe, starting from the visit of the famous wine cellars Cantine Boffa in Barbaresco in order to admire the landscape from the wonderful terrace!
The arrival at Cantine Boffa
Again so many bends and laughter in order to descend and return to the headquarters of the Mazda dealership in Alba for the awarding ceremony and the final greetings
Back to the dealership for the awarding ceremony
A little rearrangement and Thomas from RIM starts announcing the lucky ones of this ninth edition of “Andar per Langhe”.
The medals combined for every awarded prize
Like in “MX-5 che preferisco” (the MX-5 I prefer) the participants voted for the wonderful M1 British Racing Green belonging to Giuliano Raboni .
Giuliano Raboni and Mara receive the award for the most beautiful MX-5 of the Rally
“Mx-5 Nata Ieri” (Mx-5 born yesterday) instead turned out to be really young MX-5 (January 2011) belonging to Massimo Rizzi from Cusano Milanino (MI).
Massimo Rizzi receives the award for the “Nata Ieri”.
The first registered of the Rally, the now famous “Classica di Domani” (Tomorrow’s Classic) has been announced for the red M1 from January 1990, owned by Gianluca Rizzo, a young Roman guy who moved to Turin .
Gianluca Rizzo receives the award for the “Classica di Domani”
The crew who attended to “la Prima Volta” (the first time) , among other newbie of the RIM Rallies has been won by the crew of Davide Colombo di Bareggio (MI),
Davide Colombo receives the award for “la Prima Volta”
After an extraction made by the little Elisa
The little Elisa extracts the award for “la Prima Volta”
The great news of this year is the way the logbooks are awarded. Indeed, the two “nicest” phrases have been chosen among all those delivered by the participants
The first one, selected by RIM’s Staff, was the phrase written by Federico Giurgola from Milan ,
Federico receives the award for his logbook
While the phrase selected by Mazda dealers in Asti, Alessandria and Alba was the one of Gianni Ferretto’s crew from Verbania .
Gianni Ferretto wins the fabulous award up for grabs by the dealers
Last smiles and chatters, but now it’s getting late and everyone has to come back to their destinations, of course with the promise to meet again for the next scheduled Rally.
And so, this charming day, came to end and it showed once again that Miata lovers Rallies are first of all a good way to stay together and focus on a common passion: MX-5 world!
As usual, we are pleased to move to the acknowledgements, a must for a so long-lived and appreciated meeting as the one of Langhe!
Let’s start from
Mazda Motor Italia, for the confidence and renewed continuity of the “RIM” project and program
Giuseppe Castagnotto, owner of Unicar Mazda Dealer who is always “believing in it” and keeps on holding a record that is a combination of records:
1) 112 were the MX-5 on the road on May 25th, 2009 at the seventh edition of “Andar per Langhe”, third step of the “Venti di Scoperte” Tour- the Rallies Season dedicated to the twenty years of MX-5 – that broke a record, unbeaten since 2002 belonging to the XVI RIM National Meeting with its 100 crews who met in Brescia
2) 10 years after its first Rally at the dealership (it was May 6, 2001)
3) 9 Mazda MX-5 Rallies performed until today!
to the irreplaceable, unique and now famous Gino Fedele (a big thank you) and thumbs up, as usual, to all Gino’s Staff: starting from Beppe Porcellana from Mazda Asti and Riccardo Lavezzi from Mazda Alessandria
Mazda’s Staff from Alba, Asti and Alessandria
A special thank you goes to the Vespa Riders who helped us in strategic points by showing us the “right way”….so thanks to Antonio Fedele and his wife Geraldina Rollo, to Franco Destefanis and his wife Carla Astegiano, to Renato Schellino and his wife Elisabetta Palma, to Enzo Fenocchio and his son Fabio and to Celeste Marengo
But above all, heartfelt thanks to all of you participants who made 2011 Rallies Season begin in a really great style…a real Guinness

See you soon and a flash!
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