Ines Boccato Winchell, RIM founder at 1st New MX-5 National Press Launch (March 30th '95 at Castello di San Gaudenzio - PV)

The Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5 (RIM) is maintained by the agency of communication PidiErre (commercial brand of Punto di Riferimento srl) in Turin on behalf of Mazda Motor Italy SpA (Italian subsidiary of the Japanese brand that started its activities in 2000). Composed of professionals in the field of corporate communication, the Staff of the RIM (and PidiErre) has a value more: passion.

PidiErre follows the Mazda MX-5 Club since its inception in 1994, with great tenacity, in fact promoting the initiative at the former importer and distributor until it got the recognition as the only officially recognized club in Italy: 3,000 owners contacted for then organizing the first National Meeting in May 1995.

In the office of Via Guglielmo Reiss Romoli 114, home of RIM, the plaques of international, national and local meetings, photo albums of various Rallies Seasons and many other interesting memories are collected with painstaking care and are proudly displayed on the walls and shelves. Mazda MX-5 is part of the history of PidiErre and "heart and passion" of all members of the working group.

Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5 (RIM)


Thomas Tartaglino
Who took part at one of the RIM Rallies has surely met Thomas, head of Logistic and coordinating on site loyalty events that PidiErre manages in the name and on behalf of Mazda Motor Italia. He's a communication professional but also a true sportsman who practises with passion and dedication mountain and rock climbing. With his sweet smile and his good looking he is always patient and ready to give the right answers to the RIM's members and to support his colleagues, together with whom he takes care of the operational part of the Rallies, especially the creation, revision and improvement of the roadbooks. Thomas is keen of motorcycles and cars and he considers MX-5 "a perfect car, better with a beautiful girl onboard". Do you think he's wrong?

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From january 2005 Thomas
is the operative person of RIM

Danilo Bossio
A coincidence that Danilo has joined the working group dedicated to the RIM in the year of the twentieth anniversary of the legendary Mazda MX-5 Miata? In fact, his debut in the Team in care of the external events occurred exactly with the Season 2009, "Winds of Discovery", the most special of all those organized in the years by RIM, Mazda Motor Italy and its sales network. Danilo now keeps track of time and rotates on its commitments according to the programming of events in calendar! He cannot wait to leave with his camera in his backpack, his first professional love that led him to be part of the Media Agency PidiErre, where he has just started dealing with video editing (production, post production and putting on-line) and then continued to increase his natural talent and expertise in information technology. So from "geek" to play a technical expert who "talks" with both the hardware and software. A dark and handsome guy, Danilo grew up professionally through the experience of Gremo, Noia and Tartaglino. His passions are, except IT, sports, music and Formula 1… but he surely will prefer to drive a beautiful MX-5 instead of a single-seater car.

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The cameraman

Fabrizio Gremo
Professional photographer, specialized in car sport shootings, Fabrizio Gremo cooperates with important rally and automotive magazines and he belongs to the RIM Staff since the 1st meeting (in 1995). The most beautiful and meaningful images of the all national rallies, that have done the Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5 history, deal with him.
Fond of cars races, beautiful cars and also golf, Fabrizio is able to find the right shot, above all "on the road", thanks to his long experience on the special national and international rally races. So he enjoys himself with all the MX-5 convoys and crosswise! Who has taken place in one of RIM rallies has surely seen him, with Danilo or Thomas, in a panoramic area of the tour or in a "full hairpin bend" to document bravery and smiles on MX-5. Even if he is over 40, he doesn't look as a middle age man and he also deeply loves MX-5, because, he said "any shot you look at, it always has a good side!" It is only and exclusively for the RIM that Fabrizio, in coincidence of the Season "MMX... 5 - Tour 2010" has abandoned his Reflex, to fully dedicate himself to the assignment PidiErre gave him: the overall supervision of the Rallies, helping Thomas, who now is the Host for excellence of the Mazda MX-5 events. And behind the camera for him alternate his two trusted assistants, Simone Passeri and Marcello Fauci.

Gremo, the MX-5 Lover

Roberto Noia
"Tutto il resto è Noia" (in English means "all the rest is boring" as the lyrics of a famous Italian song say). In fact, Roberto is a creative person but above all, the chief of PidiErre creative resources… his beloved passion is music, so it's no surprise he's an accomplished Dj who knows almost everyone everywhere! His organizational contribution to RIM is vital: he organises the PidiErre graphics and web branch and, above all, he is the creator of all informative supports for the rallies. A true personality, full of originality and sometimes eccentric, on the wearing side, same features of some video reportage that he personally looks after. And if you hear someone shouting out loud "Abbi pazienza!" ("Have patience!" in English), you can bet it is Roberto!

"Have patience!"

Carolina Scrinzi
The Italian title of the 2009 RIM Season was a good omen for PidiErre... rather, a premonition! "The Winds of Discovery" has in fact brought to the agency a lot of news that in 2010 gave a boost of energy and optimism that are "standard equipment" as a champion as Carolina, a veteran of the world of automotive journalism PR. Her previous nine years of experience in a Japanese multinational did nothing to further that passion to the "product" of the Rising Sun for excellence. In fact, Karol did a full immersion in the historical archives of the MX-5 that PidiErre keeps so carefully, so to know everything of the magical Miata world. Carolina coordinates the communications activities of the RIM, especially taking care of Media Relations. Driving MX-5 is for her pure fun and adrenaline: this new venture can only confirm the theory that "with MX-5 you will always have a front row seat”.


Maria Rita Didu
And if for Danilo it has been a coincidence, the onset of Maria Rita at the RIM, was the blessing that the Holy MX-5 has sent us in the year of his twenty anniversary! In 2009, she came in quietly in PidiErre’s team, supporting the colleagues in the working group dedicated to the Official Mazda MX-5 Club in the activity of back office, becoming an expert in the management of the various activities and becoming the protagonist in the forefront of the Season "MMX... 5 - Tour 2010". Rita is the "trump card" of the RIM, the fundamental support of the agency dedicated RIM working group: a lively and curious mind, always ready to face new challenges so that when she had the opportunity to try an MX-5 on the track it was so much fun that she did not want to get off!


Ines Boccato Winchell
She is the Grand Mogul of RIM and "historical memory” of the Mazda MX-5 (she knows a lot of "unpublished stories" "because she has for a long time worked at Mazda private importers), Ines has always had a penchant for beauty and excellent craftsmanship.
She's the direct link between Mazda Motor Italia (MMI) and RIM: Ines oversees all of the Club's activities, with a special attention for events where this superwoman's stature (physical and moral) and her experience is called upon to solve even the trickiest organizational and logistical problems. When meeting her in person or even talking to her on the phone, feel free to call her by her nickname, as everyone here in the office does: Zia ("aunt") Ines.
Ines Boccato Winchell
better known to friends as "Zia" (aunt)"